Justice for Apartheid Crimes: Corporations, States, and Human Rights

Phil Clark et al.
Oxford Transitional Justice Research
Publication date: 
Tue, 10 Nov 2009

Report of a symposium exploring issues surrounding post-apartheid justice and redress in South Africa for human rights abuses in which corporations are allegedly implicated.
In close collaboration with the Khulumani Support Group, a South African membership-based organization comprising approximately 55,000 survivors of apartheid human rights violations, the symposium considered broader questions around corporate accountability, post-conflict redress, and international relations through the lens of the Khulumani et al v. Barclays et al lawsuit currently underway in the New York Southern District Court. Highlighted by commentators such as John Pilger as a critical action by citizens against the abuses of corporations, this lawsuit is one of the most provocative and controversial currently before the United States courts.